Our Patients

Our patients can vouch for the high standards we maintain at Sikka Dental Clinic.

Bhavna Batheja

Dr. Sagar is one of the best Dentist in Dubai. He works with precision and his patients can trust his work fully. As far as any of our Dental issues are concerned we always visit him and undoubtedly get the best treatment in Dubai. Would highly recommend him as a Dentist.

Jason Braganza

Dr. Sagar and his supporting staff are a breath of fresh air with the perfect balance of sound dental advice and light humor to keep those sensitive procedures less tense and stressful. Got my veneers and overall dental done with Dr. Sagar and I would highly recommend him to any of you seeking some solid professional dental work done.

Marice Cervantes

The staff is very accommodating, especially May, who helped us with all our inquiries. During my visit with Dr. Sikka and Dr. Khushboo, both were very professional and helpful, and their professions are perfectly suited to them. The prices are extremely affordable and reasonable given the quality of service they are providing. There is a nice ambiance and the place is so clean.

Sandra Spencer

Dr Sumeer is an excellent dentist. He worked on my root canal and bridges and I have never had any issue since. My son flies over from the UK for his dental work too as we've ways had good results.

Bianca Sharma

Would highly recommend the clinic, Dr. Sumeer makes me always feel at ease as since childhood I hate going to the dentists. Went for my zirconia crown placement, still can't believe it looks so natural, can't even spot the difference between the crown and my actual teeth!!!

Sanjay Kachroo

Excellent treatment. Very clean and hygienic clinic. Dr. Sagar is very positive, knowledgeable and will recommend the correct treatment required. I highly recommend this clinic.

Beso Saeed

My lovely dental clinic 10 stars treatment starting from the receptionist to the lovely nurses ending with the awesome doctor sikka ❤️. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone excellent treatment at a decent cost. By far best dental clinic I have ever been to.

Vit Kodousek

Happy customer of Sikka dental clinic. Very friendly atmosphere, professional environment and pain free treatment. Thank you. Highly recommend!

Ameet Dighe

Amazing experience. Holistically attending all your needs and very patient and understanding staff. Doctor Sagar is a genius and works magic and does what is right for you. Good luck This clinic is highly recommended


Amazing experience here in Silka Dental Clinic. The clinic is spacious and very clean. Receptionist did a very good job on assisting me with the registration as well as after the procedure ended. Dr Sagar did a meticulous job on tackling my problem with my gums. He explained to me the process and the pros and cons of the procedure. Excellent treatment with the best doctor for gum problems. Thank you and will come back anytime.

Zine M.B

The clinic is clean and equiped with top notch technology. Compared to my previous wisdom teeth removal, this experience was pleasant. Dr.Sumeer and his assistants were very nice and professional. I would definetly recommend this clinic. I received some post-treatment advice and recomdation that made the healing twice as fast as my previous experiences. May the receptionist was welcoming and nice. I'm forever gratefull for this whole experience and was very satisfied. Worth the money. Thank you and please keep being amazing!

Rohit Kedia

Dear Dr Sagar & Team, Thank you so much for the most comfortable and professional Treatment of my Father’s Teeth. I would like to thank each one of you. Dr Richa, in particular who took it up as a challenge and assured me of the best and most riskfree and comfortable experience to my father in his treatment. From Understanding his reports to suggestions and guidance and most importantly She was the one to plan the entire treatment. Thank you Dr Richa! Dr Sagar, your patience, your confidence, your laughter, etc etc. From 1st tooth extraction till the final polish of the Denture each visit is worth a lesson. Carry on Dr I am sure you are making many people smile again every moment and many more in times to come. The team assisting the great Doctors are just amazing, superb follow up, a great welcome and the assistance during the procedures is just superb! Dear All, once you read my review, my personal opinion there is no need for a second opinion after you have had a visit to Dr Sagar’s clinic.